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Scott A. Leonard - The Liberated CEOABOUT THE AUTHOR

Scott Leonard, CFP, is the owner of Navigoe, Inc., Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with offices in Nevada and California. He was the sole founder and owner of Leonard Wealth Management Inc., established in 1996, as an all-inclusive wealth management firm, which became Navigoe in 2013. Scott is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®); in 2013. Scott was listed as among the five most influential Registered Investment Advisors for 2012.
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Liberated CEOs Do Email Differently

Email is often the primary way we contact and interact with clients. The way your business handles these communications is essential for delivering world-class service. The problem is most of us are drowning in emails. According to The Radicati Group, a technology market research firm, the average business email account sends or receives 125 emails […]

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