The Liberated CEO – Three Major Speaking Topics

How To Grow Your Business Without Your Presence

In 2011, Scott Leonard and his family began a two-and-a-half-year sailing trip that took them to the Caribbean and the South Pacific. Determined to live his life now—not at some future date—while continuing to engage in his business, Scott details this meticulously planned, years-in-the-making voyage in his book The Liberated CEO. He’ll share the business model, including the nine steps he put in place at work to make this trip a reality. The model and the steps support the core principle of the business and Scott’s philosophy: to encourage clients to look to the firm rather than to him for solutions.

The Importance Of Living Your Dreams

During a 10-day crossing in their sailboat from Tonga to New Zealand, Scott Leonard and his family were hit by a freak storm. Imagine this scene: Over two harrowing days, the Leonards battled strong winds that tore the sails of their boat. They ran low on fuel out in the vast ocean. And their boat almost capsized several times. This wasn’t a movie but reality. The Leonards survived the storm but the experience affected them. Through the details of this life-changing voyage, Scott shares the big goal of why he planned this trip and how you can set goals, evaluate risk and overcome your fears to pursue your dreams.

How I Made My Business Stronger While On A Sabbatical

It’s no secret that business owners are overworked and overstressed. But even uttering the word “sabbatical” is often frowned upon because most people think they would have to cut off contact completely from work. For entrepreneurs and key executives this may be difficult without jeopardizing a business and losing clients. But there is a middle ground. Scott defined and focused on his core duties so he could spend time with his family. How did he do this? By becoming “intentionally irrelevant” to the day-to-day operations of the firm and building a culture that allowed for changes and flexibility. Scott will share the lessons he learned from his sabbatical while he managed and grew his business.

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