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The Pillars of Valuation

Whether you jump out of bed each morning ecstatic to run your own business, or you dread another workday helming the company you’ve grown from scratch, it’s inevitable: You’re eventually going to hand over control of your empire. When you do this is a matter of personal preference and professional convenience. How you do it […]

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Teaching Employees to Think Like Owners

When managing employees, many people have the same complaint: They simply don’t feel like their staffers are personally invested in their company. And when employees lack “buy in,” they just don’t contribute the ideas or hard work that separates an average company from a very successful one. Employee Ownership Starts with Culture So how do […]

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Liberated CEOs Do Email Differently

Email is often the primary way we contact and interact with clients. The way your business handles these communications is essential for delivering world-class service. The problem is most of us are drowning in emails. According to The Radicati Group, a technology market research firm, the average business email account sends or receives 125 emails […]

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A World-Class Service Culture

Everyone wants exceptional customer service, but how does a business ensure it? In the last blog post we talked about customer service business models, and which model to choose and implement in your organization. There are, however, five actions that must occur before, during and after business model implementation for you to build a world-class […]

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Building a Customer Service Brand

How your employees think about and behave regarding customer satisfaction (and client relationships) can determine whether you become a liberated CEO. Most if not all companies and management talk about and tout customer service; however, they are missing an important element. The thought process is usually that customer service is a function filled with individuals […]

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Set It Down and Forget About It

Work stress causes a lack of focus, which reduces productivity. Meaning work doesn’t get done. So, what does the concept of “setting it down and forgetting about it” have to do with business success and becoming a liberated CEO? It’s simple. By allowing employees to take over the work (you setting it down) and not […]

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Outside Labor: Why Outsourcing Is Essential for Liberated CEOs

Outsourcing has become essential for a rapidly growing number of businesses across the country, and companies of all sizes now find themselves dependent on outside labor. While some businesses make the mistake of associating this phenomenon only with IT and other tech-related fields, the reality is that the outsourcing revolution isn’t limited to a particular […]

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