“The Liberated CEO is compelling read for anyone who sits in a leadership position within a company. Mr. Leonard has outlined a strategic yet personal account of a method to run a company while having a life all business leadership should embrace. If you have ever wanted to run a company while having a great life, this is a must read.”
—Angie Herbers, President of Angie Herbers Inc., a global consulting firm

“Success isn’t just making more money.  It’s building a business that realizes your dreams on purpose.   The Liberated CEO is packed full with secrets to build a great quality life not only for yourself and your family but all stakeholders.”
—John Bowen, Founder and CEO, CEG Worldwide, LLC

“The Liberated CEO offers great strategies for the successful entrepreneur.  Yet Scott’s book goes further than many experts in detailing how you can make world-class customer service the core of any business.  He addresses the delicate balance between an efficient company and the personal touch–much as he found a way to balance his personal family goals with his financial services firm.”
—David L. Hancock, Chairman, Guerrilla Marketing International

“Everyone talks about work-life balance, but Scott Leonard has done it.  The Liberated CEO shares how you can build a great business with the freedom and flexibility to meet your own unique needs, illustrated with stories and examples from the incredible life adventure Scott had with his family.”
—Chip Sawicki, author, The Gift of Success and Happiness

“Scott Leonard did what many business owners merely dream about. He ditched the desk and set sail on the sea. His bold move challenges the daily office routine and proves that technology can set you free. Scott shares his experience sailing around the world with his family on a 50-foot boat while simultaneously keeping his financial advisory business ‘afloat.’ Scott demonstrates the importance of embracing technology and new ways of thinking. This book documents one business leader’s amazing journey to reinvent the workplace and create a mobile, versatile and sustainable business model. It’s a must-read for anyone who has ever said to themselves, ‘wouldn’t it be great if…’”
—Tom Nally, President, TD Ameritrade Institutional