Why Entrepreneurs Need to Identify Their Peak Zones

climberAchieving success as an entrepreneur requires you to develop positive relationships with all of the experts and specialists on your team. There’s no way that you can excel in every area that touches your business, which means that finding coworkers who complement your skill set is essential. In the same way that even the most experienced mountain climbers rely on guides while on high-altitude expeditions, entrepreneurs find themselves reliant on their teams throughout journeys of their own. Just like the climber on the hike of a lifetime, entrepreneurs must do whatever they can to identify the peak zone where they can contribute the most to the goals of their mission.

Complementary Teams Are Indispensable

On a basic level, assembling an effective team is instrumental to achieving success since it will free up your time and mental energy required for the most crucial tasks. Surrounding yourself with a staff that excels in areas that serve as a counterpart for your work will allow you to stay focused on the areas that need your attention the most. Ideally, all members of your team will be working on the job that they perform the best, ensuring that your entrepreneurial skill set is put to its best use.

Most entrepreneurs are well aware that one of the most difficult challenges that needs to be overcome is adapting their previous skill set to their new business environment. This transition requires you to spend your time as productively as possible so that you can have the largest impact on your organization. A substantial component of making this transition smoothly is dependent on those who are working around you and whether their day-to-day work performance helps bring out your strengths.

Becoming a Peak Zone Manager

Just like the high-altitude climber, operating within your peak zone is not optional to your success—it’s absolutely crucial. The irony is that while being a good manager is vital to becoming a successful entrepreneur, the primary motivation of many entrepreneurs for starting their business is that they didn’t like being managed in the first place. While you may be a passionate self-starter who has no problem coming to work each day highly motivated, you may find it exasperating to energize a team that lacks your entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

Being a successful peak zone manager is about more than just acting as an entrepreneur with effective delegating skills. It’s about maximizing your time when you’re fully in the zone, which requires you to think long and hard about your strengths and limitations. More broadly, you’ll also need to plan strategically for recruitment so that you can have the peace of mind in knowing that you can trust the individuals on your team.

Discovering Your Peak Zone

Before you can think about recruitment, you need to look into yourself. Honest introspection is key to achieving success as an entrepreneur, as this will determine whether you’re able to spend your time doing what you find most rewarding. After all, reaching your goals will be less about the quantity of time that you spend in your office and more about the quality of the time working in your peak zone.

This process of identifying your strengths and weaknesses can feel immensely liberating, and this self-assessment will become your charter for the future. The reason you’ll feel such a palpable sense of freedom is because this introspection will let you release all of the unnecessary baggage that has been holding you back. It’s perfectly fine to admit to yourself that you’re not cut out for certain types of work, and this recognition will enable you to maximize the time spent where you are most productive. While hiring an optimal team is the next stage in the process, the later steps are all dependent upon first finding your individual peak zone.

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